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Leave of Absence

If you are prevented from attending classes completely for at least four weeks due to illness, pregnancy or maternity, study-related internships outside of your plan of studies, or military or civilian service, you can obtain a leave of absence from the University Board of Directors. A leave of absence is also possible for self-organised study abroad, provided this is not linked to an exchange programme; you need to register fully at the university attended in such a case. The leave is granted for one semester at a time, can be at most twice in a row, and cannot be granted more than four times in total.

During a leave of absence, you may not attend courses nor pass any assessments. Although you may submit written work, these cannot require any support (no meetings, no corrections, etc.). You cannot apply for graduation during a leave of absence.

A leave of absence is not possible at the beginning of studies, between a bachelor and master degree course, between a master degree course and a doctorate/PhD or during doctoral studies or a PhD programme.

The leave of absence fee is 121 CHF. for members of the SUB and 100 CHF for non-members.

Leaves of absence can be applied for when re-registering for a semester. A leave of absence cannot be granted without supporting document(s).

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