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Admissions Office



Are you going to continue your studies in the next semester?

Your student data sheet for the next

autumn semester  as of mid-May until 31 August
spring semester  as of mid-December until 31 January

is available for checking and – if need be – correcting.

If you want to continue to attend courses and exams in the coming semester, you must be registered. You can re-register for the next semester with the electronic student data sheet while checking and correcting your data.

If you are nearing graduation and are unsure whether you should register for next semester, you must contact your faculty to know when you have to have signed up for graduation.

Completion, interruption, or discontinuation of studies?

  • If you are completing your studies this semester and want to deregister, or
  • you are going to interrupt your studies for one semester or more, or
  • you want a leave of absence for the next semester, then use the electronic student data sheet.
  • Registration
  • Leave of absence
  • Change to a master degree course
  • Change to a doctorate
  • Withdrawal from the University
  • Online help
  • Deadlines for editing and submitting your student data form
  • Reversal of de-registration and fee
  • Foundation documents
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